Elevon: Is Your Home Wired for Savings?

October 30, 2023

We live in a connected world. From the wearable device on your wrist to a host of other everyday connected products, the “Internet of Things,” or IoT, is in our lives to stay. This push for greater connectivity won't slow down during 2024, as the divide between the physical and digital world continues to narrow. 

What’s true for us is true for our homes, too. New electronic devices and appliances can be linked to the Internet which makes it easy to monitor energy usage and find ways to lower energy bills.  At Elevon, a master-planned community in Lavon, just north of Dallas, the team of builders is equipped to offer homeowners the smart home upgrades that every family wants and needs. 

Let’s Connect

What is the Internet of Things (IoT)?  There was a time when connected devices were limited to computers and smartphones. The only way data could be shared was by human interaction. Today we drive smart cars, work with smart machinery, and live in smart cities. Our homes contain smart TVs, connected kitchen appliances, smart security systems, cameras, and lightbulbs. All of these “things” are connected by an IoT hub that acts as an integrated bridge between devices and applications. 

At Elevon, home buyers can opt to have their home supplied with Home Is Connected® - an industry-leading suite of home products that features seamless connectivity for all your smart home devices.

What’s Your Home’s IQ?

Smart homes give us greater control of our energy use by turning on and off lights, making temperature adjustments, opening and closing window treatments, and even managing smart garden options like irrigation based on the current weather. Energy efficiency targets areas where energy is being wasted and will automatically cut back usage.  Not only does this make a home eco-friendlier, but it’s also friendlier to your wallet! Elevon builders will integrate technology with intelligent construction materials and methods to reduce error, waste, and costs.

The Missing Link

The only way to solve a problem is to first define what the problem is. When the problem is the escalating cost of heating and cooling your home, installing smart home devices is the one of the best solutions available. 

According to Energy Star, a government-backed program that advocates for energy efficiency, the average household spends more than $900 a year on heating and cooling. Home energy costs can be reduced by installing a smart thermostat that can be remotely controlled by a smartphone or even by voice activation. 

A smart device can do so much. It can be programmed it to meet specific preferences, adjust room temperature based on personal schedules, show just how much energy is being wasted, and give some tips on how money can be saved. By doing so, the average family can save $100 a year, about 11% of their annual heating and cooling costs.

The Future is the IoT

Picture this. Elevon offers residents a wide array of upscale amenities like stocked fishing ponds, dog parks, and miles of hiking and biking trails throughout the community. Wouldn’t going on a bike ride with the family be more fun than spending Saturday morning doing household chores?  

With smart home devices activated, families can program home robots to do chores like sweeping the carpets, running the dishwasher, or mopping the floor. There are even self-cleaning litter boxes for the cat! 

Have you ever started to work and then worried that you might have left the door unlocked or the garage door open? Worry no more! A smart home will not only send an alert, but with a simple push of a button, home automation will take care of it. 

We can expect to see upcoming IoT advances in transportation in 2024, with an emphasis on v2v (vehicle-to-vehicle) communication to reduce accidents by identifying hazards and optimizing routes to save travel time. Healthcare applications loom large on the horizon, integrating innovative smart devices, data analytics, and cutting-edge sensors to manage healthcare from the comfort of our own homes. 

The Truth About Smart Homes

With ever-increasing advances in user-friendliness and cost-effectiveness, smart home technology shows no signs of slowing down. The future of IoT is bright!  Still, when it comes to buying a home, being smart means a lot more than an energy-efficient thermostat, remote front door locks, or getting notifications that a package has been delivered. The real smart home is the home you’ve always wanted.

Come to Elevon to see why our homes are the smart choice for you! Click here to plan a visit today!

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