It's All in the Details: 4 Must Haves for New Homes in 2024

February 1, 2024

Legendary UCLA basketball coach, John Wooden, famously said, “It's the little details that are vital. Little things make big things happen.” We’ve all heard about the three most important words in residential real estate – location, location, location. This is a “big thing.”

Homes at Elevon, a picturesque master-planned community in Lavon, are in an ideal location. Living there gives residents access to all the metropolitan advantages of a big city while also enjoying a charming small-town atmosphere. Families have the natural beauty of Lavon Lake, as well as green spaces, parks, and trails throughout the community, yet still live near all the urban amenities Dallas has to offer. 

As significant as a great location is, especially for maintaining property values, it’s not the only thing this year’s prospective homebuyers must have. Custom features inside the home are just as desirable. When it comes to custom features, practicality and aesthetics go hand in hand. 

Here are four of the most requested, made-to-order features that home buyers are requesting. 

#1 Soft - Close Cabinets

Have you ever been distracted by the sound of doors slamming? Maybe you’ve had the unfortunate experience of having your finger shut in a drawer. In any conversation about attractive custom features for the home, “soft-close” cabinetry and drawers are bound to come up. Residents at Elevon love this little detail and the community’s builders can install them upon request.

Soft-close cabinetry is noiseless, functional, safe, and durable. With hinges that prevent them from slamming shut, soft-closed cabinets and drawers are a quieter, safer, and more user-friendly option. Pardon the pun, but when it comes to upgraded features that add to a home’s value, soft-close cabinets are a “slam-dunk.”

#2 Pantry Chefs

Storage solutions are all the rage when it comes to custom features. It’s not surprising that a walk-in pantry, with open shelving and cabinets, LED lighting, and an insulated door, is a huge selling point for buyers. A pantry is something that 80% of first-time buyers want, according to a recent survey from the National Association of Home Builders. 

If you’ve never heard of a grocery door, a small door that opens from the garage to the pantry, this is an innovation that allows you to unpack groceries with ease. Practical applications include reducing clutter, shelving solutions that free up space in kitchen cabinets, and a customizable layout that fits a cook’s specific needs. Intangible benefits include better functionality which works to increase the value of a property. 

#3 Light Up the Night

Homeowners in Elevon know that well-designed exterior lighting is a customizable feature that invites ambiance, greatly complimenting a home’s curb appeal. When it comes to lighting the night, aesthetics meet functionality. 

Exterior lighting can focus on individual architectural elements and attractive landscaping, but it can also add a greater measure of safety. Exterior lighting prevents tripping accidents for welcomed guests and acts as a deterrent to “unwanted visitors.” Desired options might include wall-mounted sconces, path lights, and step lights. Other trending alternatives include up/down lights to create an even more dramatic effect!

#4 Laundry Rooms – Solving the Missing Sock Mystery 

How a sock can just disappear from the laundry remains a mystery, however, it’s not a mystery that prospective homebuyers find laundry rooms a desirable feature in a new home.  It is one of the top custom features that homebuyers say they want (at 87%), according to the NAHB. 

Plus, they don’t want to climb the stairs either, preferring a second-floor laundry room close to the bedrooms. Noise reduction is one of the issues since laundry rooms are typically located away from the main living area. 

Are you building a new home? The ventilation and plumbing for a second-floor laundry room can be built right into the home design. In addition, a well-appointed laundry room will attract more buyers, adding resale value to a home.

Six Bonus Details to Consider 

The builders at Elevon are experts at working with families to design custom features that make their daily life experience even better. For example, the latest trend for buyers nearing retirement is requests for homes offering custom features for “aging in place.” Baby Boomers report that their most-wanted accessibility features were a full bath on the main floor, wider doors and hallways, entrances without steps, and non-slip floors. 

Extending outdoor living space by building patios and decks has been a popular addition for many years. This year, another sought-after custom feature that many prospective buyers say they want is an outdoor kitchen. In addition to a built-in grill, outdoor kitchens often include features such as cabinets, a bar, a sink, standard kitchen appliances, and sometimes even a flat-screen TV. Outdoor fireplaces are also in demand.

Homebuyers are increasingly interested in sustainable materials and energy-efficient features like windows, insulation, and appliances. Homes with smart thermostats are also desirable. Adding more livable space, like a bonus room for an office or entertainment, is high on the desirability scale, as are elongated kitchen islands, workstation sinks, and hidden outlets. Other interesting options include window seats with storage functionality and spa-like bathrooms. When it comes to custom features, the sky is the limit.

While custom features that increase organization, safety, and functionality are trending for home buying, so is self-care. Once thought indulgent, self-care has become increasingly popular. It involves making choices that prioritize our health and happiness. 

You’re Worth It

At Elevon, you can have the home you’ve always dreamed of and a lifestyle that promotes health, and happiness. Click here to schedule a tour today. You’re worth it!

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