Explore & dip a toe
or two into
the creek

Water fun. romps in the dog park. Neighborhood walks along the creek. It’s The elevon way.
take a deep breath, picnic and…relax

Elevon’s many beautiful green spaces will serve as the perfect getaway for the occasional family picnic or a solo commune with nature as you read your favorite book.

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Nature trails & A creek runs through us

You’ll be able to take an early evening stroll along the tree-lined creek that runs right through our community. Or get in a little extra cardio by hiking with the family or enjoying a bike ride along one of our many beautifully scenic nature walks.

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Throw a lawn disk or take a swing!

Our community will be populated with fun and eventful parks for just about every need. Want to just chill and forget the world? Play a friendly game of lawn disk with the family. Or perhaps the kiddos need some time to swing and play in nature. Our playgrounds will be ideal outdoor spots to let kids just be kids.

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Cannonball Dive or splash IN THE Zone!

Elevon is indeed ideally situated between two large lakes. There’s never a dull moment. But when you’re at home, what better way to cool off than by taking a quick dip in our resort-like pool - or by letting the kids get silly and wild in the Splash Zone!

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daydream & fish in our exclusive ponds.

Our exclusive fishing ponds are so close, so accessible, that they’ll be just steps from your front door. You’ll be able to fish with the kids and grandkids and tell tall fish-tales from days of yore—and create new stories by celebrating that unbelievable catch-of-the-day!

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Throw a frisbee and enjoy nature's finest.

Elevon is home to invigorating green spaces, dog parks, spacious places to picnic…and places to just breathe it all in.


Elevon will feature several helpful fitness stations conveniently located along many of our beautiful nature walks—where you’ll be able to complement your cardio endeavors with a variety of strength and flexibility workouts on your journey to a better and healthier lifestyle.

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LIFE enriching ACTIVITIES to explore

As a valued member of our community, you will be privy to any number of healthy activities including pickleball, basketball and tennis, and classes designed to bring you closer to better health—as well as closer to nature. Yoga classes on our event lawn are just one of the ways you’ll be able to both unwind…and become better physically fit.

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Beautiful spaces to meet & greet

Placed throughout Elevon will be a variety of beautiful courtyards, gazebos and walkways. Where you can hold informal and formal get-togethers of all kinds.

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All of Elevon’s recreational parks will serve as wonderful outdoor excursions, but what better way to meet and greet than with an energetic dog or two in tow. Elevon’s dog park will be just the place to let Fido let’er rip while also meeting with friends to plan the next neighborhood wine-and-dine.

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life’s best moments are CELEBRATED here

Elevon’s Clubhouse and Pavilion will be ideal spaces for celebrations of all kinds. From engagement parties to birthday parties—wine-tasting and cook-off contests of all kinds.

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