Baby Boomers: Good Vibrations

September 30, 2023

Elevon, a master-planned community north of Dallas and minutes from Lake Lavon recognizes that a person’s home should reflect the needs and lifestyle of its owners. It is a vibrant community that provides its residents the convenience of nearby services - shopping, dining, and medical facilities – as well as upscale amenities like pools and other top-rated outdoor spaces, well-stocked fishing ponds, and even dog parks for kids of the canine variety. 

But is Elevon a traditional retirement community? No. Let’s ask the Baby Boomers, the generation born during the post-WWII baby boom. Boomers are poised to take advantage of all the good things retirement can bring! Even so, many boomers are putting off retirement because they’re active, engaged, and living longer than any other generation before them.

Baby Boomers account for the 76 million people born between 1946 and 1964. They are distinguished by their peers, a generation that rejected and redefined traditional values. Not surprisingly, they’re still at it. They’re the wealthiest, most active, and have the most disposable income of any previous generation. 

House For Sale?

Baby boomers have surpassed millennials as the largest generation of homebuyers, according to a report from the National Association of Realtors. The combined share of 2022 home sales to younger boomers (58 to 67 years) and older boomers (68 to 76 years) rose to 39 percent, up from 29 percent in 2021, according to the report. 

Many are repeat buyers who have housing equity and can afford to shop for their dream homes. Baby Boomers are healthier than the previous generation and so they’re living longer. This means they’re making housing trades later in life.

Life Expectancy is Increasing

Life expectancy is on the rise, particularly among people who make a conscious decision to live a healthier lifestyle, like eating right and exercising. In fact, wellness is one of the main draws for Baby Boomers who buy a new home in this community. Elevon has always placed a high priority on healthy living and recreation.

Nature Nurtures

What roles do nature and contact with natural surroundings play in improving our health? Spending time in nature makes people feel good, we already know that, but does it measurably affect our well-being? Scientists asked that very question, and the answer came back a resounding yes. 

Spending time in natural surroundings in a beautiful, master-planned community like Elevon, with access to greenways for walking and riding bikes, not only contributes to air quality, but it also clears the mind and reduces stress, for both young and old alike. Research supports the idea that people are more cognitively stimulated, creative, and energized when they relax with regular recreation – especially in the great outdoors!

Elevon is designed to incorporate nature, recreation, and healthy living. The community has combined miles of hiking and biking trails, fishing ponds steps from your front door, nature trails, and even a creek meander that runs through the community. In addition, Elevon is located between Lake Lavon and Lake Ray Hubbard, two of the best fishing and recreational lakes in North Texas. 

Baby Boomers with free time on their hands might even be able to extend their own longevity by taking advantage of all the health benefits and opportunities for recreation that are offered. 

Building an Empty Nest

Boomers want homes that have been designed for people who have retired - or are planning to – and whose kids have moved out. Now it’s their chance to relax and enjoy life. That doesn’t mean they won’t want extra bedrooms and bathrooms for visiting children and grandchildren. Elevon has builders on board that have just the home they’re looking for. 

Available homes reflect the individual needs of each homeowner. Residents can choose from an array of designs and models. They have options regarding energy efficiency and smart home technology, materials, and space requirements. Elevon builders are there to work with homebuyers to ensure the home they get is the home they love.

What do Baby Boomers Want?

Maybe it’s easier to say what they don’t want. Boomers would say they don’t want assisted living, they’d rather have experiences that make their lives worth living. By choosing Elevon, boomers have so many options. They can enjoy the recreation and relaxation of rural living in Lavon or take a trip to the DFW metroplex for bright lights and big-city excitement.

Residents of Lavon can go bird watching near Bell Branch Nature Park, attend festivals at Buckingbinn Farms, and enjoy wine tastings at Grange Hall Vineyards. There is also a flourishing arts district with many modern galleries showcasing local artists’ work.

Baby Boomers are not known for being passive. They’re engaged and busy reinventing themselves. They are already asking themselves, “What will my next chapter hold?” By selecting to live in a location that offers so many outstanding choices, this could be the best chapter yet.

Good Vibrations

Brian Wilson reports that his mother told him about good vibrations with people and dogs. She told him that dogs would bark at some people but wouldn't bark at others. The rest is musical history. If you’re a Boomer, you’re already singing the song in your head. Do you know what’s even better than singing along? 

Experiencing them.

Why not come pick up some of those good vibrations for yourself? Plan a visit to Elevon today! 

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