Outside Or Inside: Elevon Is Wired For Fun And Function

September 1, 2022

Adorned by the glorious Texas wildflowers, a native bird population diverse enough to fascinate both professional and amateur ornithologists, a charming creek that runs the length of the community and state-of-the-art amenities, the master-planned community of Elevon is pretty spectacular, especially outside! Located just north of Dallas, near the charming communities of Rockwall and Royse City, Elevon is also just a few minutes from one of the best-loved recreational lakes in North Texas - Lake Lavon.

While many future residents are originally attracted to the natural beauty of the terrain incorporated in the landscaping of this pristine, new community, more than a few will discover something equally exciting, and it’s INSIDE. 

The well-known and highly respected builders such as DR Horton and Pacesetter Homes have been chosen because of their unsurpassed expertise in delivering sumptuous design and lifestyle options. One of these options will change everything when it comes to how families enjoy entertainment at home. It is the next generation of high-speed internet access from Pavlov Media.

How Homes Have Forever Changed

When COVID turned the world upside down, homeowners made several discoveries. Some of these revelations fundamentally changed how a typical family did almost everything.

The flexibility to work from home, which was started to allow workers to social distance from others in an office setting, became the “new normal” and many realized just how convenient this option was for more productive work and family management.

Social media grew dramatically during this time as adults and kids sought to “keep in touch” via the internet. Plus, digital conferencing platforms such as “Zoom” and others allowed business meetings to occur and, a few minutes later, conversations with grandma, who could be anywhere on the planet, also happen!

Streaming services such as Prime Video and Netflix, which offered instant access to movies and even live sports events such as the “NFL Thursday Night Football'' skyrocketed in popularity. And finally, online gaming and even virtual reality games and other experiences such as those found in the nascent metaverse all gained immense popularity.

There is one factor that is critical for all these new work and entertainment options in the home: 

High-speed internet service. 

This is why the developers of Elevon chose Pavlov Media to be an essential part of this master-planned community.

Internet Service That Meets Every Demand

Powered through the cutting-edge technology of fiber-optic cabling, the Pavlov Media service can provide up to 2 Gigabit of download and upload speeds, granting the very best in quality and reliability. This high-speed internet service can easily meet the demands of video conferencing, streaming, social media, online gaming, the virtual reality of the metaverse, and whatever high-tech, MUST-HAVE activity should come along in the future.

Some of the features of Pavlov Media fiber include:

  • Unlimited data
  • No-capped speed
  • Proactive customer support
  • Opportunity to add programs and (even) faster speeds

Pavlov Media fiber-optic Internet is available once an Elevon resident moves in. This internet comes at no extra cost to homeowners. Instead, this expense is covered by your homeowner’s association fee. Pavlov’s 2 Gigabit speed Internet can cover the concurrent use of numerous network applications, including streaming, gaming, and other network usages.

Click here, for more information on this stunning, new technology.

Wired for Happiness

Whether you enjoy sitting in your lushly landscaped backyard, listening to the songbirds sing or strapping on your virtual reality headset and playing virtual tennis, or fighting virtual bad guys in the metaverse, your new home in Elevon will have everything you and yours to be happy.

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